Fight for Peace Offers Fundraising and Capacity Building Support for Capoeira Alafia

14/07/2016 – Senior members of Fight for Peace partner Capoeira Alafia are taking part in a capacity building process to develop and strengthen their ability to play leadership roles in the organisation. The training began on June 29 and forms part of Fight for Peace’s work to help the organisation strengthen its long term sustainability and security.

Capoeira Alafia uses the Afro-Brazilian martial art capoeira to promote peace and non-violence throughout Jamaica, using community interventions, workshops, displays and regular training for disadvantaged children and adults. Capoeira Alafia is one of the eleven original Global Alumni Partners in Jamaica and delivers capoeira training in the alliance partners’ collective programme, Kickout Crime and Violence.

With guidance from FFPI Programme Trainer, Bali Khuman, the Capoeira Alafia team members are undergoing a series of sessions in which they identify support organisations, donors and media platforms to support and promote the work of Capoeira Alafia. The team will be developing specific messages to promote Capoeira Alafia’s work to different groups, in order to expand the work of the organisation and to generate funding. Their first priority is to redevelop the organisation’s crowd funding site with new video and text.
Khuman is also helping Capoeira Alafia to revise its organisational structure, facilitating the sharing of responsibilities across a broader base of team members. This will allow the organisation to increase its efficiency and position itself for growth.