Entrepreneur, young leader and jiu jitsu champion – meet Davidson

05/05/2019 – Davidson joined Grupo Criança em Busca de uma Nova Vida (GCRIVA), a Fight for Peace Alliance member based in Vespasiano, Minas Gerais, in 2014. His growth in the organisation has seen him excel in Brazilian jiu jitsu, competing in a number of tournaments in Brazil and being crowned champion in many of them.

“Before jiu jitsu, Davidson had number of behavioural issues which caused a lot of concern for his parents. Since we began our jiu jitsu programme at GCRIVA, however, he has become more and more involved in activities and has even encouraged us to increase the number of sessions we hold per week at our academy. Stemming from this, Davidson has also travelled around Brazil to compete, representing GCRIVA and the Fight for Peace Alliance in a number of championships and bringing home medals from many”, explains Thatyana, the Head of GCRIVA.

Through his involvement in jiu jitsu, Davidson was able to participate in other activities at GCRIVA, in particular in the area of youth leadership. Not only is Davidson a member of the organisation’s youth council, but he is also part of REJUDES, a national network of young people in defence of human rights. He has also completed a number of employability courses, focusing on entrepreneurship, which have helped broaden his horizons and opportunities. As a result of these courses, Davidson, along with three friends, have created their own martial arts clothing brand, the profits of which today form part of his income.

Davidson’s success in competition attracted the attention of Fernando Pessoa, jiu jitsu black belt with the Rilion Gracie Association, who, through a partnership with GCRIVA, began to follow the young athlete’s career. This is turn led to Davidson’s biggest achievement to date – travelling to Portugal to compete in the European Jiu Jitsu Championships, accompanied by his coach and mentor from GCRIVA. Without a doubt, Davidson can today count himself a champion in combat sports and in life!”