Each month, Alliance in Focus features the work of a Fight for Peace Alliance member, shining a light on how community based organisations around the world are working together in this global movement to prevent violence in their communities.

29/03/2018 – A Fight for Peace partner organisation since 2012, Association Filhos de Bimba – Lebanon, uses capoeira as a tool for promoting peace and developing physical, social and emotional capabilities among young people aged 8-18 years old. The NGO, which works with young people from diverse countries including Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, combines capoeira with education and psychosocial support with the aim of uniting people from different social, cultural or religious backgrounds and creating an educated and peaceful society.

“In 2012, Fight for Peace helped us to think beyond capoeira, in a more holistic way and to value more what we do”, explains Association Filhos de Bimba – Lebanon Co-Founder and Director, Nassib El Khoury, who represented the NGO on the Fight for Peace Global Alumni Programme (GAP) held in Rio de Janeiro. “It was an unexpected gift and now six years later we understand its importance; now we are mature enough to understand the work Fight for Peace does and how it can help us grow and thrive as an organisation.”

Following completion of GAP, Association Filhos de Bimba – Lebanon continued to work closely with Fight for Peace, recieving ongoing support in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL), measuring and documenting the impact of the organisation’s programmes on the young people it serves.

Early last year, support was extended when Fight for Peace consultants began working with Association Filhos de Bimba – Lebanon on strengthening its programmes and organisational capacity. “After discussing our work with Fight for Peace, we realised it was a good time to rework the organisation’s strategy, theory of change, programmes, and identity”, points out Nassib.

Although the core approach of the organisation has remained unchanged, new activities and programmes have been conceived to ensure greater engagement with each member, while work has been done on developing a clear, robust and consistent image and organisational structure. These changes aim to allow Association Filhos de Bimba – Lebanon to develop new projects, scale their organisational capacity and improve their facilities.

According to Nassib, the partnership has borne substantial results: “The process has been going on smoothly; the Fight for Peace team is very motivated and motivating, helpful and knowledgeable. The support Fight for Peace provides to young organisations is crucial – we wouldn’t have been able to do it without their support”.

Mutual exchange and support between member organisations is central to being part of Fight for Peace’s global community. In the case of Association Filhos De Bimba – Lebanon, Founder and Director Nassib spent time at the Fight for Peace Academies in both Rio de Janeiro and London before beginning his process of organisational restructuring and retains close communication with both Fight for Peace and partner organisations around the world. “These visits act as a reinforcement that the Fight for Peace community is structured to work together. Independently of how different organisations are, believing in the same goal is the pillar that holds the global community together and has and will allow each organisation to extend the support to many others”, reflected Nassib.