Five organisations trained in the Fight for Peace approach

03/04/2019 – Five organisations from the UK have completed a week’s training in the Fight for Peace methodology at our Academy in east London. The intensive five day training programme is designed to give a comprehensive insight into the principles which guide Fight for Peace’s work, while also presenting practical workshops on how our programmes are delivered. This is part of Fight for Peace’s global work, where we use what we learn at our Academies in Rio and London to train and support other community based organisations around the world – over 160 to date.

Over the course of the training programme, participants learn about Fight for Peace’s Five Pillars (Education, Employability, Combat Sports, Youth Leadership, Support Services), the values that underpin everything we do as an organisation, how personal development is integrated into all our programmes, as well as the other areas such as fundraising, communications and monitoring, evaluation and learning, which are essential to our work.

“The last five days have been amazing, absolutely amazing. You guys have blown my mind”, explained one of the participants on the programme. “I came here and it has really opened my mind to a lot of different things.” Others were especially impressed by the key role young leaders hold in shaping our work: “After speaking to former Fight for Peace members and hearing how the Youth Council leads things themselves, I think that is the approach I need to take.”

Being selected, and taking part in the Alliance Training Programme, are the first steps in becoming part of the Fight for Peace Alliance, a global community of organisations all working together in support of young people. The Alliance is currently made up of over 100 members from 25 countries worldwide, sharing knowledge, expertise and access to resources to maximise the impact of their work.

These latest organisations to be trained by Fight for Peace all come from Glasgow, Edinburgh and the surrounding areas in Scotland and all use combat sports in their work with young people. They now return to their organisations and begin the process, with the support of Fight for Peace, of implementing elements of Fight for Peace’s holistic model, adapted to the particular needs of their local communities.