A global community dedicated to using sports as a tool to prevent youth crime and violence.

The Fight for Peace Alliance is an on-going community of practice for organisations who have all been trained in the Fight for Peace methodology and who believe in the power of combat sports, education and personal development to bring positive change to the lives of young people living in disadvantaged communities.

This global network provides a platform from which approaches to reducing youth violence, that are developed and tested at Fight for Peace Academies in Rio and London, can be codified into principle-based content and scaled globally.

Members of the Alliance are supported to further develop programming and organisational capacity, develop collaborative programming, and mobilise resources together. Meanwhile, they gain access to new Fight for Peace methodology, networking opportunities and the chance to communicate with peer organisations locally and internationally.


  • Access to validated Fight for Peace methodologies, projects and materials
  • Values based training courses
  • Organisational capacity building
  • Programme delivery support
  • Access to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning expertise and systems
  • Bespoke consultancies
  • Development of collaborative programmes
  • A fundraising and partnership development resource

At the heart of the Fight for Peace Alliance is the belief that by being closely interconnected, sharing knowledge and expertise and having regular interaction and exchange, all Alliance members become stronger and more effective and have an even greater impact on the young people they serve.