2016 Annual Report highlights another year of achievement for Fight for Peace

05/05/2017 – The Fight for Peace 2016 Annual Report is now available and can be accessed in full here. As Fight for Peace moves into its 17th year, the report looks back on a 2016 full of growth, with more young people than ever before accessing programmes at Fight for Peace’s Academies, and with support being given to an expanding Global Network of like minded organisations. The report also documents the full collection of notable highlights and events that took place throughout the year.

A total of 3,389 young people accessed programmes at Fight for Peace Academies in 2016, with the highest ever ratio of female members (41%) attending Fight for Peace in Rio de Janeiro. In London, expansion was seen both in the number of boxing and martial arts programmes offered and in the near completion of the £3 million new-build and refurbishment.

Fight for Peace International continued to support community based organisations around the world via the Global Alumni Programme (GAP) and the Safer Communities Incubator (SCI) programme became fully operational in Kingston, Jamaica and Cape Town, South Africa. The Fight for Peace Alliance was also established in the UK in the latter half of the year.

With the staging of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Fight for Peace further strengthened its ties with the Olympic family in 2016. Over the course of the year, the International Olympic Committee produced a three-part mini-series of films detailing the work of Fight for Peace and the lives of three members of the Rio Academy, three Fight for Peace young people ran in the Torch Relay and Rio Academy member Paulo Ricardo received the Olympic Cup at the closing ceremony of the Games. Fight for Peace also co-hosted an event at British House during the Games, in partnership with Team GB and the British Consulate and in the presence of Fight for Peace Ambassador Nicola Adams OBE.

Beyond the Olympics themselves, The British Olympic Association (BOA) partnered with Fight for Peace to deliver a six-month training programme at the London and Rio Academies respectively, helping improve coaches’ skill sets and develop internal pathways for our athletes into elite sport.

Fight for Peace was honoured to be awarded the EMpower Champion of Youth Award in New York City while the organisation also hosted its first international conference, in partnership with UNESCO, where experts from various countries in the Americas and Europe discussed challenges and insights for the use of sport as a tool for violence reduction.

The pilot Special Scholarship Programme was completed in Rio, helping young adults voluntarily leave a life of drug trafficking. Over a three-year process, 61% of participants completed the programme, 81% secured employment and 67% finished their primary and secondary schooling.

Rounding off the year, Red Rebel Films released a documentary about Fight for Peace’s work in Rio de Janeiro, co-produced by Madonna and released on Journeyman Pictures. The documentary was screened in New York City and Los Angeles and won the Jury Prize at the Baghdad International Film Festival.

For a comprehensive look at all of Fight for Peace’s work in 2016 access the Annual Report here.