Fight for Peace participates in World Judo Day

01/11/2016 – On World Judo Day 2016, fifteen Fight for Peace members had the honour of receiving an invitation from The Brazilian Judo Confederation (CBJ) to visit it’s headquarters at Rio de Janeiro’s Galeão/Antônio Carlos Jobim international airport. The young people learned about the structure of Brazil’s leading judo organisation and were given the opportunity to train in the Confederation’s dojo together with two Olympic champions, Rosicléia Campos, Brazilian National Judo Coach and Érika Miranda, CBJ Technical Council member and three time World Championship medal winner. The event was also attended by CBJ President Paulo Wanderley.

For Ubirapuan Reynaldo, judo Sensei at Fight for Peace, this event was a privilege for the young people involved: “In the future they will remember that they visited Brazil’s judo headquarters, where the big decisions about who will represent Brazil at the Olympic Games are decided – this is incredible! They were able to get their belts signed by the elite sports people that they normally only see on TV. The memory of this wonderful experience will stay in the minds of these young people for a very long time”, said Ubirapuan.

“For young judo athletes at Fight for Peace, who want to become elite sportspeople and champions, this was the chance to fulfil a dream. They love judo and to be given the chance to get close to the athletes and be part of this event allowed them to feel recognised and valued. It was a very gratifying experience”, explained Luciana Neder, Sports Coordinator at the Fight for Peace Rio Academy.