Fight for Peace Boxer Rebeca de Lima crowned Brazilian champion

28/09/2017 – Boxer Rebeca de Lima has been part of the Fight for Peace Rio Academy since she was seven years old and her journey as a fighter reached new heights when she recently won the gold medal at the 2017 Brazilian Boxing Championships. Competing at 60kg, Rebeca was crowned Brazilian Junior Boxing Champion in the interstate competition hosted by the Brazilian Boxing Confederation in the city of Cuiabá.

In her first outing in the competition, Rebeca put on a dominant performance, defeating Amapá state representative Pabliani Coimbra. In the semi-final, another unamimous win was secured over Elen Araújo of Tocantins state. The championship final saw Rebeca face Gleisiele Gomes from the state of Bahia, a fighter who throughout the competition had impressed with her high quality performances. Both boxers fought cautious and technical fights, Rebeca ultimately able to use her skill to neutralise her opponent’s game plan and gain the win on a split decision.

“Prior to each of my bouts in the competition, I talked to my coaches Noronha and Roberto by telephone and this made me feel calm and I was able to enter the ring feeling confident. It was only in the final that I felt really nervous”, said Rebeca, “I knew that it would be a difficult fight because my opponent had the same fighting style as me and she had a lots of support. The crowd was shouting Bahia! Bahia! after the state she was representing – but in the end, during the bout I was calm and confident and everything went well.”

This victory in the final saw Rebeca named the competition’s best fighter and led to her being selected for the Brazilian National Boxing team, a new and exciting journey which she now embarks on!