18/05/2018 – The Fight for Peace Alliance, a global community of organisations working together for peace, has officially launched and begun collaborative activities. The Alliance unites grassroots organisations from 25 countries in a global community of practice and provides the structure and support for members to strengthen and scale their programmes and organisational capacity, secure resources, and enhance their image and profile.

Alliance members have two things in common, they have all received training in Fight for Peace’s methodology and they are all engaged in work aimed at realising the potential of young people in communities affected by crime and violence.

By sharing expertise knowledge and best practice, collaborating on projects and maintaining close interconnectivity, Alliance members, Fight for Peace included, have the opportunity to develop their programmes and organisational capacity and have a greater impact on the young people they serve.


The Alliance holds regular online and offline meetings and training sessions where best practice is exchanged between members and has bespoke social media platforms where collaboration and knowledge sharing can take place. Meanwhile, Fight for Peace offers Alliance members access to its methodologies, projects and materials, support in organisational capacity building and programme delivery and ongoing one-to-one consultancy.

Organisations in the Alliance also work collaboratively on programme, fundraising and partnership development and have access to Fight for Peace’s online Toolkit of resources.

“This Alliance formalises the partnerships member organisations have shared since completing training in the Fight for Peace methodology, and its launch provides an exciting opportunity for increased support and the further strengthening of ties between all of us”, said Luke Dowdney, Fight for Peace Founder & Director.

“To date, we have trained over 150 organisations, and this community of partners provides a platform from which approaches to youth violence prevention, which are developed and tested at Fight for Peace Academies, can be codified into content and scaled globally. At Fight for Peace, we are very much looking forward to supporting, and learning from, our Alliance partners so that we can all become even stronger and more effective in our work with young people.”