Petrobras’ Research and Development facility opens its doors to Fight for Peace 

20/09/2018 – On Friday 14 September Fight for Peace paid a special visit to Petrobras’ CENPES research and development centre in Rio de Janeiro. As the current sponsor of Fight for Peace’s Maré United project, Petrobras opened its doors to over 20 young people and staff from our organisation.

Over the course of the visit, Fight for Peace young people had the chance to step inside a 3D laboratory, analysing the the process of resource exploration and discovering how an exploration platform, similar to those used off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, is structured. The group also participated in a 3D simulation of how to control a drone used in mapping the daily work of the platform.

In the second laboratory visited by the Fight for Peace group, young people got to try their hand at analysing rocks and examining special drilling techniques. In the final stage of the visit, the group visited an ETRA, a large water and effluent treatment and reuse station which serves not only the laboratories but also the entire CENPES facility.

“The visit gave our members an insight into the different stages of work in oil and gas extraction, as well as allowing them to see what opportunities exist for getting qualified in technical courses, which link to the different sectors of the job market. With this in mind, the visit was a way of broadening young people’s horizons to include different areas and opportunities on offer”, said Marcos Melo, Employability Coordinator at Fight for Peace in Rio, who accompanied the young people on the visit.

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“As soon as we found out about the possibility of a visit, we were very interested in going because we knew that it would be a great opportunity to learn about a different professional area. We were able to learn in a very structured way. We followed the process of petroleum extraction, and every stage up to its use. I liked the technical part best. The 3D demonstration really captured our attention. Although this technology is always present in our everyday lives, seeing it linked to education and our learning was incredible. We were also surprised by the amount of effort that the company puts in to reusing water. It is a very careful process and, without doubt, it is something that inspired us to have something similar in our organisation. We believe that this partnership with Petrobras is very important for Fight for Peace, not only in terms of this visit, which has already given us many ideas, but for the fact that it is such an important company in Brazil, and its support will bring huge benefit to children and young people in our community!” explained Luisy and Jaqueline, two Fight for Peace members.

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Underlining the importance of strengthening the partnership between Fight for Peace and Petrobras, Marcos Melo added: “The visit provided an opportunity for Fight for Peace members to come into direct contact with the technical side of the oil and gas industry as a result of Petrobras’ commitment to generating impact not only for organisations but also for our wider society. I believe that having more activities like this, with these opportunities for our young people, is extremely important. We already have a large number of young people on our employability courses interested in future visits.”