Leadership course provides training in conflict management for future leaders

By Shamus Campbell, London Academy Volunteer and Youth Councillor.

24/02/2017 – Fight for Peace helps young people build the skills necessary to become strong and effective leaders. Members of the London Academy continue to flourish in this area with ten participants recently completing an energetic three day course in self leadership in conflict management. The course, delivered by award winning national youth charity LEAP, saw participants take part in various different activities that engaged members through debates, role plays and self-reflection exercises.

As one of the participants, I managed to get a first-hand account of what the programme entailed. Each trainer took turns to present themes that got participants to think outside the box, speak openly to one another and re-enact past experiences. Through these topics I gained a clearer understanding of how conflict can be avoided and dealt with and I now have a deeper understanding of who I am as a person.

Participants found the course highly engaging with all realising that they had something to offer. “It allowed me to express my ideas and learn how to deal with conflicts and problems that I am facing alone. At the beginning I was not participating much but as I continued to listen I engaged more and found it really fun and educating”, said Aladdin Benberna, a Fight for Peace Youth Councillor.

Awareness of the steps needed to identify or resolve conflicts became a focal part of each exercise and many if not all participants became more understanding of the consequences their actions may have. “I found it very motivational and inspiring. It boosted my confidence and I now know how to deal with situations and come up with better solutions to avoid a regrettable outcome” commented course participant Jandres Moreira.

By the end of the three days I could see and feel how close the group had become, a connection that is missed through single day courses. Each member blossomed throughout the process and even the quietest members had plenty to say before the end. It was an extremely rewarding experience and I truly had my eyes opened. A final word I’d like to say and a quote used throughout the programme that tells us an important element of what the course was about: “If I don’t create change, change will create you”. This is a line that will hopefully stay with each participant.