Colourful october at the fight for peace rio academy

30/10/2016 – Fight for Peace’s Gender and Sexuality Group have been busy staging educational activities at the Rio Academy focused on the prevention of breast cancer and gynaecological diseases that affect women.

Gender and Sexuality Group coordinator, Viviane Carmen explained that the aim of the workshops is to reflect on how to prevent breast cancer as well as to discuss other questions affecting women. “These activities coincide with the Pink October campaign. During the workshops, those young people and staff participating are invited to think about the difficulties Maré community residents face in accessing healthcare while another question that we tackle is the excessive levels of responsibility placed on women”, said Viviane.

The activities, which took place on 18th, 20th and 26th October, were coined Colourful October (Outubro Colorido) so as to avoid associating women with one particular colour. “We strive daily to not associate gender with certain objects, colours and activities. For this reason, our October is colourful”, explains Viviane.

The themes developed in the Gender and Sexuality Group workshops were also introduced into Fight for Peace’s personal development classes by Educator Rosane Alexandre. Young people in the classes created pieces of art which were used to decorate the Rio Academy.