City Of Belfast Boxing Club

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Sport: Boxing
Focus Areas: Education, Cross Community Work, Personal Development
Established: 2010
Joined The FFP Alumni: July 2014
Contact: Terry McCorran

City of Belfast Boxing Academy was set up by Terry McCorran in a disused school that is based on a peace wall that divides two opposing communities. In its short history the club has produced over 40 competitive boxers, and is a shining example of cross-community sport.

CBBA uses boxing as a tool to build the self-confidence of young people and support their personal development both inside and outside the ring. Alongside the sport, CBBA delivers fitness classes, drug and alcohol awareness, youth justice programmes and homework classes. They also offer the school space to other social action groups to support broader community development.

CBBA has plans to further develop the old school space to deliver more services for the community, and to formalise the activities it currently offers to at-risk young people. They also plan to produce a second entrance on the other side of the peace wall so that young people from the Catholic community can attend the club without having to walk through hostile neighbourhoods.