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Paulão on Sport as a tool for growth

Paulão, a martial artist from the Fight for Peace Rio Academy, gives his thoughts on the opportunities sport can give young people ...
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Fight for Peace expanding before our eyes

Denise Carroll, Head of the London Academy, shares her reflections on exciting times for Fight for Peace in east London ...
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Judo athlete talks discipline and dreams

Judo athlete and Youth Councillor Ewerton, a member of our Rio Academy, talks discipline, dreams and finding peace...
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Extending horizons on LIFEbeat

Fight for Peace's Aladdin describes his time on LIFEbeat, including the challenges he met and the new skills and friends he gained....
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Fight for Peace – a way of life

Aba Abubakar, who arrived alone in the UK aged 14, describes how joining Fight for Peace gave her a start in London...
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Women who make a difference

Fight for Peace's own Diana on being one of 17 women around the world selected for the US State Dept's Global Sports Mentoring Program...
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Fight for Peace, my second home

Sami Wahid, an avid participant in all walks of FFP life, talks about the organisation's part in his development...
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Proud to be a role model and life champion

Family favourite Carlinhos on carrying the Olympic torch and returning to the classroom with Fight for Peace...
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My Fight for Peace journey

Introduced to Fight for Peace 10 months ago, Tyrone explains the key role the London Academy plays in his life....
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Olympic torchbearer tells her story

Get to know Olympic torchbearer Raissa, who tells her story prior to joining Fight for Peace...