Maré United 2.0 – Bringing down invisible barriers in Complexo da Maré

25/10/2017 – Fight for Peace’s Maré United 2.0 project aims to bring down the invisible barriers that exist in Complexo da Maré, the community in which the Rio Academy is located. This is achieved by strengthening and training local professionals and projects in using sport as a tool for transforming young people’s lives in the community.

Following a two month selection process, three projects – O Recomeçar, Todos por Um and Relma Combat – were selected to participate on Maré United 2.0. The project trains organisations in Fight for Peace’s Five Pillars methodology, placing a strong emphasis on supporting young people to realise their potential in a sporting context and in life. “It’s important that educators recognise that in their role as sports coaches, they can do so much more for young people, teaching much more than combat sports and helping them fulfill their wider potential”, explains Project Coordinator Ana Caroline.

Over the course of six months, participating organisations receive support to invest in equipment and infrastructure and learn about personal development, the creation of session plans, the creation of a youth council, financial planning and other key activities fundamental to their project growth. In addition to this, a great deal of exchange takes place between Fight for Peace members and those of participating organisations. Fight for Peace also makes available a mobile team which delivers instruction on using personal development and youth leadership.

The first Maré United 2.0 group are due to complete their training on 1st November while, on 2nd December, young people from the three participating projects will deliver a presentation of combat sports at an event hosted by Fight for Peace and staged in the Maré community.