BJJ World Champion joins Fight for Peace

26/12/2017 – The Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) coaching team at the Fight for Peace London Academy has been recently bolstered by the arrival of six time BJJ World Champion Jackson Sousa. The martial artist, who hails from Rio de Janeiro’s Cantagalo community, volunteers at Fight for Peace three times a week, passing on his knowledge and experience to the young athletes who have taken up the sport.

Through his relatives, Jackson has had a long connection with Fight for Peace in Brazil, although he only had the opportunity to visit the organisation when he came to live in London:

“The Fight for Peace project was the first thing my relatives from Nova Holanda in Rio de Janeiro told me about when I visited their favela as a child. I have known about this project for a long time and I am very happy to be joining their cause here in London, working as a volunteer and teaching Brazilian jiu jitsu. It feels fantastic to be part of the Fight for Peace team”, explained Jackson.


Jackson has been training BJJ since he was ten years old and was nurtured from a young age by some of the top coaches in the sport including Ricardo Vieira, Tererê and Leandro Martins. He has since gone on to become one of the leading names in the sport as well as a multiple world champion.

The Brazilian has already made a strong impact on Fight for Peace’s martial artists:

“The way Jackson coaches us is excellent, all of us really feel ourselves improving. You can see that he is very passionate about Brazilian jiu jitsu and his coaching is something different and new. We know that he is competing at a high level so you believe in what he is saying”, says Jawany Scott, a BJJ Blue Belt at Fight for Peace.