20/05/2019 – Members of the Fight for Peace Alliance gathered at our Academy in Newham, east London recently to begin the Creating Pathways project. Creating Pathways aims to support organisations to adapt the Fight for Peace Pathways education programme for delivery to young people in their local communities. The project is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. The Pathways education programme at Fight for Peace is part of our holistic five pillar methodology, and is delivered at our Rio and London Academies to young people who are not in school or who face difficulties learning.

A total of seven Alliance partners – Bulldogs Boxing and Community Activities (Port Talbot, Wales), Oldham Boxing and Personal Development Centre (Oldham, England), Tamworth Boxing Club (Tamworth, England), The ZKJ Dojo (Belfast, N. Ireland), Strike Martial Arts and St. Columbs Park House (Derry-Londonderry, N. Ireland), and Sporting Chance (Newcastle, England) – completed the three day course which forms the first stage of the adaptation project.   

The course focused on how to design and set up education courses for young people in different local contexts and covered areas including consulting young people, building local partnerships, generating referrals, establishing progression routes and tracking the progress of participants. The importance of monitoring and evaluating the adapted courses was also underlined, with part of the course dedicated to discussing methods and procedures for measuring impact.

In the weeks following the training course, Alliance partners will be planning and developing their education programmes in preparation for the delivery to young people in their communities over a period of two years, and with the support of specialists at Fight for Peace. A further gathering of participating organisations is scheduled for the end of June.

Fight for Peace Education Training Coordinator, Ari Johnson, was delighted with the progress made on the three day course: “Working in partnership with these organisations to begin the process of designing and setting up education courses to meet the needs of young people in their local communities has been a wonderful experience. Each organisation brought their own ideas, expertise and challenges and we worked together to take the first steps towards setting up the programmes which will support young people to go on to bigger and better things. I am extremely excited to continue this journey with the organisations and work with them to bring all of the ideas to reality.” 

The Creating Pathways project is being delivered as part of the Fight for Peace Alliance – a community of over a hundred organisations all trained in the Fight for Peace methodology and all working together in support of young people.