20/02/2018 – Fight for Peace has received a special visit from Temi Mwale, Founding Director of The 4Front Project and one of 2017’s Forbes 30 under 30 Europe. The 4Front Project is a youth-led social enterprise that works to empower young people and communities to live free from violence.

The organisation, led by Temi, is currently conducting research on violence prevention initiatives in the USA and Brazil in order to better understand different approaches and share experiences of the situation London.

Temi visited Fight for Peace’s Rio Academy, meeting with Founder & Director Luke Dowdney and holding a discussion with members of the organisation. The visit gave Temi the opportunity to understand the reality of life in Rio’s Complexo da Maré favela, a community affected by extreme levels of violence, and learn about Fight for Peace’s methodology and approach to violence prevention.

“Luke explained how Fight for Peace was founded in Maré and how the Fight for Peace methodology was developed and subsequently expanded to other parts of the world through the training of partner organisations. I was so interested in meeting young people from this community who have benefitted from the work done here. This community is more marginalised than others that I have visited, and the scale of the impact is also bigger”, explained Temi.

In discussion with Temi, members of Fight for Peace gave their opinions on what is necessary to achieve peace. Carlos offered his thoughts: “the state has a big influence, but we also need to change our way of thinking. There has to be collective thoughts on peace among people. If I have a feeling of peace in me and I want peace, those around me must also want peace”.

To find out more about the work of Temi and The 4Front Project, click here.